Street Chef California.


Who are we and what are we about? A rather mixed bag of American, Mediterranean and English folks, all with very different personalities, character and experiences.

Yamac Bilginer

We have Yamac (Originally from the Mediterranean) the Father, Husband and Executive Chef.  Most of his lifetime has been spent around food. Learning the art of Mediterranean cooking whilst growing up in and around his parents hotel and restaurant in the Mediterranean.  This experience along with running and managing the hotel stood Yamac in good sted to eventually become the Executive Chef with Hyatt Hotel, Boeing and Compass Group in Seattle.   To this day Yamac still enjoys creating new tastes, recipes and sauces.  As a family we know there is no one out there who can make sauce like Yamac.

We have Sue (Originally from England, Liverpool) the Mother, Wife and Marketing Director.  Sue has spent most of her adult life as an office worker for large corporations, starting off many years previously as Secretary, to eventually becoming Head of Marketing.  Managing and Marketing multi million pound projects across various global organizations now proves toSusan Bilginer be a fruitful history now that its time to run a family business.

We have Cooper (originally from Seattle), the Son, brother and Production Director.  Cooper as a young adult has gained valuable business acumen working for a large Pizza company and also a global delivery company.  Having the opportunity to run his own business now will hopefully set Cooper on a successful business path for many years to come.

It doesn’t end there, 3 more children right now are at different levels at School and University.  plus, we have two beautiful dogs, a sweet, gentle Labrador “Danny Boy” and a crazy just unbelievably funny “Bo Bo” the Pug.  People may ask, why did you leave the Mediterranean and England?  The answer, is why not?  Life is there for the taking, pushing those boundaries and trying new things, seeing and experiencing new places reaching the end of time with stories of your life!

There you have it “The Bilginer’s”  Ready and waiting to serve your community and beyond.

Cooper Bilginer