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Street Chef California in the News

Need advice for your upcoming wedding or catering service?  As one of the pros, Street Chef California has been featured in San Diego Party Ride along with some other pros.  Take a look to see what some of the top San Diego Catering Pros are saying at San Diego Party Ride.  Some may think it’s as simple as riding a bike, it’s not, there are many factors to consider when organizing that special day/event.  Nothing is assumed or taken for granted when it comes to organizing catering.  Some caterers fall short by not asking all the relevant questions along with customers being highly disappointed due to miscommunication and that vital detail missing at the event.  We often find customers do not know what to ask, they need the advice of the experts.  However, it is ultimately the caterer’s responsibility to make sure all information is clearly stated within a contract to which the customer clearly understands and is happy with.

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