Food Truck, Street Food, Grossed Out?

Do Not EVER buy Street Food from a Food Truck, some say! 

dortyfoodtrucksWhy? What’s the reason….  A Battling debate!

OK, not everyone is grossed out by street food served from food trucks, there are thousands of people who have used food trucks for their events, office parties, office lunches and much more across the globe.  We love the concept of serving food on the streets, travelling to new locations, seeing happy customers and the reactions we have witnessed is sheer delight for us. We have met many fantastic food trucks along with some really nice people running those food trucks. We trade food, have a banter and talk about the industry in general.  When food trucks pull together at an event such as Del Mar Food Truck Festival, wow, what a sight to see, so many food trucks, so many cuisine choices and just the food truck names alone are entertaining driving conversation and interest with eye catching designs.

But why are people sometimes grossed out by Food Trucks, why? and why are we regularly hearing from customers that they have had bad experiences and cautious about trying new food trucks?  We delve into why…

Now that we have taken our professional culinary and business expertise on the road, we understand why, we have seen first hand why some may never return to food trucks. But, WAIT, STOP, lets think about this, is it not the same scenario for restaurants? We have visited and walked away highly disappointed from many a restaurant vowing never to return, so why Is the food truck business any different than a restaurant?  The answer is simple – A food truck has one shot, and one shot only to get it right in that location, it must entertain, provide and serve great food in order to become popular at that location or event to gain repeat invitations or recommendations.

But hey c’mon as a fellow food trucker we should not be grossed out by other Food Trucks right?  We should be supportive and understand the tremendous hefty workload food trucks have to endure each day, understand the hours are exhaustingly long, the cleaning and washing down at the end of a 12-17 hour shift is immensely tiring, we should understand yes?.    Wrong!  there is no excuse for bad food, bad customer experience, bad attitude, rotten food, over priced garbage!  For some, they simply do not keep up to standard, start to slack, pull the quality of food, hold bad food, or simply bad chefs or support staff not caring!.  Lets face it, there could be a multitude of reasons and those whom are playing at the game for a quick buck, not fulfilling basic standards, not keeping quality and standard high should get out quick, not only are they effecting their own business they are effecting the whole Food Truck Industry’s reputation!….Food Truckers need to perform and perform well to keep this Industry moving in the right direction.

Although WE receive great feedback, STILL, we do not like to hear bad feedback about other trucks, this is our industry, our life, our reputation on the line and most of all our future, our customers are our future, without them we would not exist so how Infuriating, frustrating and so annoying to hear from people we serve that they are grossed out by other food trucks.  However, we need to hear this feedback and welcome any comments from customers good or bad. We may not like to hear negative feedback, who does?  everyone likes to think they are doing a great job, however we understand 100% it is hugely important to know as a business what our customers or potential customers are thinking when they see a food truck pull up and better still understand what they think once they have left our truck.  Other truckers faults or reputations of “grossed out food” effects our business too, or any good food truck in the industry.  If, we are all classed the same resulting in people being put off by previous experiences, we need to change this perception, for the good of the Food Truck Industry.

We need to know your experiences, concerns, worries and fears of street food.  Go-ahead, ask any question about our cuisine, be upfront, be blunt, ask away, where did it come from, how old is it, how do we cook it, what’s in it,  ask anything.  If it is not to your liking or satisfaction tell us, we will create something else for you and guarantee you walk away happy.  Don’t be shy, don’t walk away unsatisfied regretting you just spent your hard earned salary on a bad experience.

We are here to give you a good experience, happy customers is what we want.

Great Name, Wrap, Brand, TV, Magazines, does NOT make a great food truck!

Ok, we may be stepping out on a limb here and seen to be insulting our industry pals.  Some make think so, some may not.  We have to be brutally honest in this business in order to succeed and become successful bringing food consumers to our industry.  Competition is fierce, dishonesty and lies – yes lies within our own stomping ground.  Unbelievable you may think, not really, dog eat dog, jealousy, think of number one etc. Its a tough world out there, its a tough line of business, its tough in any business.   Consumers trust maybe slowly dying in the food truck industry due to bad experience, unreliable trucks, pre-heated food, old food, what ever the reason is, it’s not good.

Some food trucks rely on name and brand recognition generating traffic based on this, but hey, its a lot more than a great wrap or that recent media shout out.  Staff experience, attitude, awareness, smartness, understanding customers needs and wants, fresh food, determination, there’s a whole list of important stuff to know in order to be a successful food truck encouraging people to purchase your lovingly prepared cuisine.

from 1998 to 2010 there were 53 outbreaks of foodborne illnesses from food prepared at a fair, festival or other mobile food service, infecting 1,186 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These numbers represent just a fraction of cases, experts say.  Why is this happening you may ask, we can tell you why.  Whilst many people have jumped into the food truck industry or the booth food industry, the rules and regulations are immensely strict within the designated county, however once actually operating, some of those regulations slip and slip fast.  This is why at Street Chef California we thoroughly understand the need for strict food handling regulations.  No matter if or not our county states we do not have to wear gloves, we do, it’s gloves, gloves, gloves every single time. How can you prepare food without gloves for customers, how can we/you believe 100% those hands have been thoroughly washed and sanitized before touching your food – no-one can. Having been in the food industry for over 30 years, Executive Chef Yamac is fully aware of the many sad cases of people within the industry who skip corners and simply do not adhere to the correct procedures.  You only have to take a look at the most recent popular TV food shows and celebrities visiting long standing establishments whom serve food and drink to the public with a goal to revive their business and guide them in the right direction.  How did they open up in the first place we often ask, do they not understand what they are doing?.  The answer is simple, no, sometimes they do not!  Sadly, many people have an idea, go ahead with it with little or no experience to manage the business, thinking it will be easy resulting in failure or disappointed customers.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly!

Before we decided to move into the food truck industry, we randomly visited quite a few trucks in various areas to see what its all about. We did our homework and research daily. Several times we felt like we were approaching Hitler for our food, no smiles, no welcome, nothing and far too serious looking, quite scary actually.  We would walk up to that fancy looking truck, feeling excited, only to walk away disheartened witnessing a quick order, no interaction, take your food and go!. Dirty windows, cant see anything being prepared, what goes on in there we are left thinking. Generally, most of the time, we questioned if or not we definitely wanted to eat this food.  So, there you have it, how awful is that? and we are about to adventure into this line of business.  We really do need to be on the good side of The Good! The Bad and The ugly we experienced, we do not want to become part of the “bad and ugly” 

Food Trucks are GREAT!

Yes they are and what a fabulous concept of serving food on the streets..  Always a new destination, new customers, new experiences and of course our amazing followers. We love it.  A good rule of thumb – if you are doubtful about ordering food from a food truck test them out, speak to them first, see the interaction, attitude, helpfulness, ask questions.  If you get a grunt back, with no flexibility to help you what so ever, walk away.. Walk away fast to the next deserving Food Truck.

Thanks for reading!  Have a great Day.

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