Talked About

What do they say about us?

Don’t you just love it, when people say good things about your business or how good you are at your job? Everybody deserves that rewarding pat on the back from time to time.  We do, so why not share it with everyone,  here’s a selection of feedback we have chosen to share with our viewers…..

Oceanside Fire Department

Sue and crew…you were so great and your food was tremendous and we thank you so much for making the initial call to me before our event. I was so impressed. Your vehicle was amazing and all who ate your food enjoyed it. Including the students from El Camino High School. Thanks again for everything that day and for making the day such a great event. I know if we call you again, I won’t have anything to worry about. And again, please never worry about a long line or if people have to wait for their food. People need to learn that good food is worth waiting for.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.


Elizabeth B, La Mesa, CA

Absolutely the best wrap I’ve ever had! Mediterranean chicken hummus greek salad was DIVINE!!! Huge also!
If it’s not on the menu, you can request it…

Midnight Jack Brewery, Oceanside, CA

Street Chef California has been a regular at our brewery and they are always a hit.  Fresh, fresh food, cooked to perfection.  Tremendous portions and reasonable prices.  Great Service and professional staff.  They are always on time and their truck is impeccably clean.  We really enjoy having them at our brewery and out customers do too!

Bernie P,  San Diego, CA

Saw them across the street at the Quartyard so decided to give them a try. Got the Feta-Burger with garlic fries. Mentioned how Western Steak burger used to do a burger with gyro meat on top and they did it for me which I think is very cool. Good portions, good quality and nice people. Will go back.

TK, Fallbrook, CA

Reasonable prices and good -sized portions. We shared the dolma’s with pita, olives,& cucumber dipping sauce -which was cooling and fresh . Yum. fast and polite service. I’d go there again!

Lost Abbey Brewery, San Marcos

Great people, great food! Always on time, always glad to have them!

Jen C, Oceanside, CA

Their fries are to die for!! Never disappointed when I order from them & love how they have quite a few things to choose from. They were able to handle a huge crowd really well, I totally recommend you try them out.