The Beginning

food-truck-clip-art-free-oeu93r-clipartThe Beginning, A New Business, A New Food Truck.

We made the choice, we made the decision, we landed here, San Diego, California.  All the way from the Mediterranean..

We made a life changing decision and landed in California, so now what do we do? Do we want to work for someone else or own our own business?

We have solid professional working background’s spanning many years however, how do we use our business, professional and life skills to the max ?  If we spend most of our time gathering what seems to be an unbelievable global amount of information to absorb from every source possible to make a sound decision for our future, when do we stop and go forth?  The internet has exploded with so many gurus from every subject and profession possible that its time to stop researching and make a solid decision to move forward .

The Beginning

The Beginning

We decide on a business of our own – A FOOD TRUCK!  Whoa But WAIT, hold up…  Are we going to be forever moving with no idea where we will end up next?  We hope so, we love adventure, food and travel, so lets do this and do it well and within just three months, we have shed blood, sweat and tears, laughed, cried and howled.. I guess that’s family business life!

If you enjoyed this little intro into The Beginning and interested in the trials and tribulations of life in a food truck (as a family) stay tuned we will update our blog as and when a new adventure begins.

The Beginning

The Beginn

Join us on an adventure not to be missed! 

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