What happened?

WHAT HAPPENED in 2016? Where did 2016 go? Cool as a cucumber

Did we just get abducted into an Alien Food Truck?  Where did we go and where have we been?

From May 2016 to December 2016 we barely had time to turn around and take a look at where we came from, let alone how we did it.  But hell yeah, we did it and we are rolling into 2017 with an impressive shout loving and hating every minute of it.

You know that love / hate feel that you get now and again and still not sure if you do love or hate, but you dam well know its love really and your just having a bad day and would never give it up, never walk away, well that’s how it feels working a family food truck.  Non stop, Non Stop and your praying for time off, then you get the time off and it’s a bit like addiction, you want to be back on that thing that is driving you mad but you love it, so you get back on board the rolling kitchen and love every minute of that non stop pushing the boundaries of tiredness.

And Guess What?  WE ALL STOPPED SMOKING during this phase!!  How the darn, holy moly did we do that whilst living breathing and working 24hrs a day together?  Tell you something, we don’t know but again like May to December, we did it and we did it just a few weeks before Christmas.  Are we a family who looks for punishment or what?  Or maybe we thrive on challenges and pushing ourselves just like our latest push within the business ………

CATERING!Catering Street Chef California

Obviously we have the best (Yamac) Cool as the coldest cucumber in the fridge when it comes to catering or in that fact anything to do with food.  He doesn’t flinch that guy, he knows his stuff, he knows what he is capable of, he doesn’t need to talk about it, dramatize it, NO that’s not him at all, he just well kinda gets on with it confidently producing unbelievable tasteful creations and recipes in unbelievable quantities.  Saying that, what do we expect, he was trained by the best, Mother and Father!  Isn’t that where anybody’s training starts?  Certainly did for Yamac and that is where it all began in the heart of the Mediterranean in his family’s hotel, which then in turn took him into the world of becoming Executive Chef within Hyatt, Boeing and Compass Group.

There you have it, we are pushing into Catering at such a speed and demand that we are unbelievably excited to be entering 2017 at this pace!

Right now, the team are preparing for a Large event right here in San Diego, Carlsbad, CA.  Are we excited? of course we are, we are doing what we love and what we do best, fulfilling and catering for hundreds of people!.

EXCITING Times ahead! 

Thanks for reading folks

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